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Instant Chassis E2

Originally uploaded by Cipher Ultra on 21st January 2011 19:15 pm

An E2 that allows users of any skill level to have an instant steering and suspension system.
The full ' instant chassis ' E2:
Wire(link) an adv pod controller to it and you have an instant car! WASD controls, Space for handbrake.
The ' instant suspension ' E2:
Same suspension as above, but has the driving and engine sounds etc removed. Useful if you just want suspension that you can add your own code or thrusters to.
You can place this on effectively any prop
Customise the wheel size, positions etc.
1. This E2 will work on most props, but I recommend flat squares or cubes such as:
* models/props_phx/construct/metal_plate1.mdl
* models/hunter/plates/plate1x1.mdl
* models/props_c17/FurnitureShelf001b.mdl
2. Make sure any other constrained props (like a car body) all have a mass of '1' or less.
If you need some to be heavier, do not make them weigh over 100.
Try to balance any larger (10 ~ 100) weights equally over the chassis.
3. I also recommend parenting all props and using the 'Main' prop,
(The one the chip is placed on) as the Parent.
Parenting makes contraptions more stable and reduces lag.
4. For advanced users: It is also best to leave some props unparented to
create a collision box around the vehicle, such as bumpers.
Wiremod SVN
Place in garrysmod/data/expression2
Instructions for use are in the E2 files. :)
Please feel free to comment on any problems you find or ideas for improvements you have!
Other contraptions that use this code:
Wiremod Thread:
More Stuff at:
If you use any of this code for a contraption that you release, please credit me. :)


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        • garrysmod
          • addons
            • Cipher_Ultra's Instant Chassis <-- Addon folder!
              • e.g.
              • lua
              • maps
              • materials
              • models
              • etc

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  • Cipher_Ultra's Instant Chassis/
    • Instant Chassis/
      • instant_chassis.txt
      • instant_suspension.txt