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GM Tropical Island

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  • Uploaded: 7 months ago
  • Updated: 5 months ago
  • Type: Map
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  • Tags: maps, gm, tropical, island

Originally uploaded by jAyerOn on 26th May 2007 12:18 pm

At long last, it's released. The map does exactly what it says on the tin, it's a tropical island. There are some beaches, a cove, a small cavern with some tombs and some waterfalls. Hopefully it will be useful to you comic authors.
Please note:
- The map is not playable in deathmatch, it would probably suck anyway
- Performance is terrible because those palm trees are very high-poly, and HL2 doesn't like lots of props
- I don't know why the palm trees are all black in places, it's something to do with the cubemapping, I can't do anything about it sadly
Thanks go to:
- GOT A GIRLFRIEND for making this awesome map!
- Schaf (mistmod crew, now sadly disbanded), for the banana tree and fern models
- Shadowkiller ( forums) for the awesome water (thanks for the heads-up Rubitsman)
- Vulcan (of VERC forums) for the palm tree model
- Shiroko (author of cs_jungle) for the other trees and tropical plants
  • gm_tropic_island.bsp