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Originally uploaded by Citizen_001 on 20th June 2010 18:03 pm

ATTENTION, There is an updated version of this map located here:
IF you already downloaded this file it is not overly important to get V2 but it is recommended.
- Added tons of more space.
- Increased all cannon's range significantly.
- Added another Pak 40 cannon.
- Fixed bug that would turn some projectiles black after being spawned.
- Spread all cannons apart as to promote cannon to cannon combat.
- Added small marsh, more trees, rocks, and a watertower.
- Added custom "foggy" skybox to make fog blend in perfectly.
- Fixed bug causing mortars to sometimes fly into the air after firing.
- Added individual munitions respawn for every cannon.
- Prevented physgun from grabbing parts of Pak40
This map features fully dynamic cannons that must be manually aimed and loaded with actual shells that include a casing and projectile that is fired into the air and is also affected by physics. You can screw around with all aspects of the projectile such as adding a trail, camera, or even rope to it prior to firing. When viewed in slow motion you can observe the guns use actual mechanisms to fire the shell and eject the casing (in the Pak 40's case) just like actual cannons they resemble. Ammo for all cannons are unlimited and the map features a very high skybox and large area great for building.
Download also comes standard with a map list thumbnail image and map selection image.
Tools recommended to load the...
Pak 40 - Gravity gun
Flak 88 - Physics gun
Mortar - Gravity gun
Known issues:
- Flak 88 tends to misfire the very first shell loaded in. (the projectile explodes in the barrel, but seems to only happen once and then will fire consistently)
- Pak 40 is difficult to load for some (use the gravity gun and try to put the projectile end as squarely into the chamber as possible then let go and push the rest of the way in by running
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