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Flyable F-16

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Originally uploaded by ArmedMonkey0 on 26th August 2008 09:10 am

This f-16 fly's with only thrusters its the easiest thing to control with "no hover balls" that i have made so far
it only has 1 expression chip
W & S = Pitch
A & D = Role in air Yaw on ground
Space & Shift = Thrust
R resets the thrust to 0
Alt goes to another camera view
the indicators and adv pod controller are inside the f-16 model "so it is perfectly balanced" if you want to edit it
to get in look at the air intake in front
the indicators are in random order every time i dupe them
this one doesn't use the mouse buttons so you can add turrets g combat and bombs
i try to make my planes look realistic when they fly so on this one i added the ability to stall instead of just a stall light
its hard to stall if you use full thrust
adv dupe
military models

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