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Originally uploaded by Pretbek on 11th January 2012 22:39 pm

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Hello everyone :D
I'm back with a new map called Zombiesurvival_mojave. It is a zombiesurvival map, and very well suited for Roleplay aswell,
Here is a review created by alex billson:
My previous zombiesurvival map has been a pretty big succes
with over 35.000 downloads, so decided to create a new one.
This zip file contains 2 maps:
- Zombiesurvival_mojave ( no zombie spawnpoints)
- Zombiesurvival_mojave_lonesome ( Standard zombie spawnpoints, ALOT!)
This time the map is set in the Mojave desert. A pretty wide landscape of sand and mountains which also include the following locations
- Breetle : one of the 3 towns and also the largest. Breetle has been reinforced with metal plates and fences, and its the survivor capital
- Pinedale : A small town in the east across the bridge. With two shops, also the county police jail resides there
- Bailey's Point: This southern town has had alot to endure. Recommended not to visit that, due to the danger
- Waste Transportation Factory (WTF): This factory is infested with zombies, and have been abanonded by the employees
- Church: The church with his local graveyard south of pinedale. Who knows what you will find there!
And many more locations to explore and rebuild!!
To install these maps along with their Map Icons, Unzip the file into:
Are you fit enough to survive this terrible horror? If not, bring along some of your friends!
I will see you guys in the mojave desert!
Special thanks to my beta tester: Flytrox
Credits to creator of the skybox

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  • maps/
    • zombiesurvival_mojave.bsp
    • zombiesurvival_mojave_lonesome.bsp
  • README [Pretbek].txt
  • materials/
    • maps/
      • zombiesurvival_mojave.vmt
      • zombiesurvival_mojave.vtf
      • zombiesurvival_mojave_lonesome.vmt
      • zombiesurvival_mojave_lonesome.vtf