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Blood Physgun

Originally uploaded by Zwolf77 on 26th April 2010 21:44 pm

This is my reskin of Hlfdeads physgun.
to install programfiles/steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod/materials leave folders there.
Awesome 4500 downloads thanks guys. Keep it up guys THANKS.
If you like my skins and stuff check out my Youtube channel:

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  • sprites/
    • glow1.vtf
    • physbeam.vtf
    • strider_bluebeam.vtf
  • models/
    • weapons/
      • v_physics_gun/
        • bulkhandle.vmt
        • bulkhandle.vtf
        • clutch.vmt
        • clutch.vtf
        • endpiece.vmt
        • endpiece.vtf
        • glueblob.vmt
        • glueblob.vtf
        • hose.vmt
        • hose.vtf
        • hose2.vmt
        • hull.vmt
        • hull.vtf
        • needle.vmt
        • needle.vtf
        • pegs.vmt
        • pegs.vtf
        • prong.vmt
        • prong.vtf
        • redrotater.vmt
        • redrotater.vtf
        • tube.vmt
        • tube.vtf
        • v_physcannon_sheet.vmt
        • v_physcannon_sheet.vtf