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An F.Kalkman creation 2007 - 2009
WWW.SMARTZENEGGER.NL (new website - check it out!)
*** RP_Amsterville_CE *** "Constructors Edition"
Version: 1.2 (never any beta's released)
General info:
This map is a map about a town from Holland.
It's not Amsterdam, but it is a town with a few similarities.
It is divided into 3 areas where each one is different from one other.
Because this map should give you the tourist feeling, there is a hotel to stay with exellent view over the river.
New! 2 more house interiors added makes total of 4 in this map.
I really tried to make this map look good from all angles, and I succeeded.
This version of this map is a request of many who wanted to simplify it by removing some stuff.
(mostly the weapons) and adding houses and create more space to use for constructions with mods.
This is all what the update is about.
That is why it is called _CE meaning:"Constructors Edition"
Update notes:
created more space
removed cars
added 2 more house interiors
removed weapons in store and police HQ
added extra path betwean area 2 and 3
removed keypad (info room is now open)
replaced ugly train texture at start of the map
removed some unnecessary objects
added brushbased taxi car
removed 5 minute loop-timer of credit sequence
other small issues fixed
soundbug bridge fixed
garage is nolonger police property
certain dynamic chairs are now physics again
explanatory texture for weather buttons added
env_sun added ("not visible" - bug?)
Skybox fog added
doors nolonger have -0.5 hurt value when blocked by player (needed by use of slam)
most of this list was requested.
I can't possibly take care of everyones requests.
But you can still seek your needs in version 1.0 or 1.1 if this version 1.2 isn't your thing.

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  • steamapps
    • common
      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
          • maps
            • amsterville01.jpg
            • amsterville02.jpg
            • amsterville03.jpg
            • Readme.txt
            • RP_Amsterville_CE.bsp

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  • amsterville01.jpg
  • amsterville02.jpg
  • amsterville03.jpg
  • Readme.txt
  • RP_Amsterville_CE.bsp