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Big Cruiser .zip

Originally uploaded by toaster1339 on 5th May 2010 18:21 pm

THIS is a big (not lagging) ship made by me!
As you can see, it is really long and has a landingpad for helicopters, 3 fat turrets, a moving radar
and..........A GUARDRAIL!!! No other dupe-ship has one! NOW you can not fall into the water, your bread can not fall and also your cat can't!!!
> I <
> I <
...Requirements are:
wire phx camouflage-materials gdc or gcx
gmod 10
Controls of this thing are in the EaTmE file.
All of the turrets are movable so you can fight and fight!
Love me 4 that! I built a safer ship 4 ya!
Keep on fighting and
always DON'T REUPLOAD!!!
If ya reupload it, you'll get transformed into a Smith-Agent.....
If there are any problems, tell it to me at youtube. There, my name is toaster1339
100 downloads!!!! WTF

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