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Gmod Vietnam Pack [Beta 1]

Originally uploaded by Big Boss (28) on 23rd August 2012 17:58 pm

Update= thanks for 100 downloads :D
STOP SPAM FOR THE THOMPSON, the weapon was used for training and in the early ears, then was replaced by the m16a1 NOW STOP!
Don't waste you time, link herehttp://www(dot)mediafire(dot)com/download(dot)php?q0glsvd89avdxij
Replace (dot) with .
Hi all guys :D
I want make a new pack for, not the same glock,m9,m4,16,mw3, (false) bf3 packs.
A (maybe) new pack!
A vietnam pack!
Anyway this is only the first beta with only 6 guns (3 for the us army, 3 for the vietcongs)
The first beta have got:
For US
M16A1 (Bo one, I put the bo one beacuse I don't like the others)
Colt m1911 cal.45
Thompson m1a1
For VC
Ak-47 (bo one, same for m16a1)
Tokarev TT cal.38
Vz.6 Skorpion
Hope you like it :D
Oooh, only another thing the world models are'nt crotchguns :D they old the guns with their hands
and not with their legs, the world models must be fixed, beacuse the holding of the weapons
(the w_model) it's not the best
video by turkish cowboy :
Sorry for my bad english (I am italian)
Credits are in the file enjoy :D
(I put it on mediafire beacuse sucks)
P.S if you have any problems, add me on steam

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Convert to Addon (Recommended)

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  • steamapps
    • common
      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
          • addons
            • Gmod Vietnam Pack [Beta 1] <-- Make this folder!
              • e.g.
              • lua
              • maps
              • materials
              • models
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  • addons/
    • Vietnam Weapons Pack/
      • info.txt
      • lua/
        • autorun/
          • client/
            • Backup/
              • weapon_menu.lua
          • server
          • Weapon_Scripts.lua
        • effects/
          • shell_12g/
            • init.lua
          • shell_m9/
            • init.lua
          • shell_pistol/
            • init.lua
          • shell_rifle/
            • init.lua
          • shell_semirifle/
            • init.lua
          • shell_smg/
            • init.lua
          • shell_sniper/
            • init.lua
        • weapons/
          • ak47/
            • shared.lua
          • Colt_m1911_cal.45/
            • shared.lua
          • m16a1/
            • shared.lua
          • Skorpion_vz.6/
            • shared.lua
          • thompson/
            • shared.lua
          • Tokarev_tt_cal.38/
            • shared.lua
          • weapon_rev_base/
            • ai_translations.lua
            • cl_init.lua
            • init.lua
            • shared.lua
            • sh_anim.lua
  • link