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Originally uploaded by Havoc{VTX} on 8th October 2012 23:03 pm

This is the OFFICIAL rpw_downtown_v4 made by Batman AKA Pat of ClanVortex's RPWars.
-Removed the fountain and replaced it with an keypad coded Help Desk room for admins. The door can either be opened with the keypad (only from the outside) or the door can be owned and opened by unlocking it. Admins to servers can make this door unable to be owned through the RP admin commands.
-Added a small beach house at the beach. Thought it would add a little bit more to that section of the map.
-Added a whole new section to the map through what use to be a black tunnel.
-Redid the new sections added in by the unofficial version of our map. (some of the doors were not working correctly and the windows would not break, we fixed that)
-Police station is now once again 2 stories.
-Plus lots of extra rooms where there were none and expanded existing smaller buildings with extra rooms so now they are more usable.
Sewer for the most part remained untouched we should be redoing the sewer and adding some new features in version 5.
There are a couple small lighting issues we noticed and a small problem with a fence that people can get stuck in but you can just duck jump right out. Will be fixing those shortly with a Vb4 version to come out soon.
Facepunch thread =

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  • rpw_downtown_v4.bsp