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Originally uploaded by commie on 8th October 2009 00:59 am

Combine Barrier adv. duplicate:
HL2 Item mod:
Building Blocks set:
Combine shotgunner v2:
Door stool:
Advanced duplicator (unless you already have it):
Extract to SAVE files in your garrysmod directory.
A mission I created on gm_construct. It is based on a pre-nova prospekt setting, a simple prison, consisting of 3 cell blocks, a court yard, and the Control center. You have to escape from your cell, get past the guards, and eliminate the warden. It's simple, and tricky, there's a drunk guard manning the gun who has fallen asleep. There is a vast amount of security doors, 7667, remember that code. (The other cell blocks are props, i know there's nothing in them, you're not supposed to go in them.) Enter the courtyard at the gate, the courtyard has shotgunners, keep a distance, and watch for the close ones. Best of luck, and kill that warden!
Bugs- Sometimes you spawn in the wrong room, oops! And you tend to walk slow in the control room.
Update: Damn! thats alot of downloads! Thanks, people!
Update: HOLY BALLS!!! OVER 1000!!!!! :D

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      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
          • saves
            • half-life-005.sav

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  • half-life-005.sav