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Zombie Survival-- V2!

Originally uploaded by TheIronFreak on 7th September 2012 01:19 am

Updated pictures since people are being so picky about the damn missing texture. -______- Just by CS:S and you won't get any errors. I did the part f replacing all CS:S textures in the map, be grateful that someone is trying to make a decent zombie survival map/gamemode. Thank you
Whats up Garrysmod!
I'm back with V2 of the recent hit that was my Nazi Zombie survival gamemode! (With credits to Excl ;))
So this version has ALOT of new features, as I promised to make this a million times better than the previous version.
I've not emulated the COD nazi zombies this time.. I've tried instead to make it look like a casual/cliche zombie survival, because I think it makes it alot more unique that way!
I believe that this is one of the best Zombie survival gamemodes ever released to the public, and I hope you think so too!
I've decided to make one more final version of this.. Not exactly hard-coding but more like fixing a few bugs here and there.
-Upon receiving a nuke/doublepoints power up, zombie heads spawn on the floor. Death Machine power up made things worse. (Death Machine powerup disabled temporarily in source) V3 will have it fixed!
-Nothing else that I've noticed.
-Start out with a crowbar and beretta.
-Power starts off, you can turn it on to get to the box and the weapons room. Weapons are more expensive now, and increased time to reload; makes it a lot more hectic and challenging.
- Few interesting surprises at the beginning of the map. You'll find out for yourself ;)
- Clipped barriers
-Enhanced zombie AI; attracted to bullets firing.
- Fixed powerup sounds, no more silence when getting a perk!
- All barriers can be rebuilt. Unfortunately, using the freight elevator button :(
- Zombies are a lot stronger; headshots of pistol don't kill instantly :)
-Barriers have increased durability. Takes zombies longer to get in.
-Zombies do not col

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  • maps/
    • zs_villagehouse_final_d.bsp
    • zs_VillageHouse_final_d.lin
    • zs_villagehouse_final_d.log
    • zs_VillageHouse_final_d.vmf
    • zs_VillageHouse_final_d.vmx