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left 4 dead map water front.zi

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Originally uploaded by _-=TH3=F34R=-_ on 28th November 2009 16:31 pm

this is the left for dead map its the original
p.s please read the read me!
this is the real map and i spent ages trying to reskil models to half life models so enjoy
:::::::::wow line is 1000 downloads:::::::::::::::
UPDATE::::::HOLY ****
hey guys i havent been online for about a year now and i am getting gmod back but i havent got the right computer so i will join all you gmodders out there soon! PS if you whant to add me you can its not bazza(2) its barrett455
::::::::EDIT 2011:::::::::::::::::::::
Hey im back and like i said before i am gonna be playing steam

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  • read me or you wont know wat to do!.txt