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Originally uploaded by Bennyis ^Legali on 3rd June 2012 04:40 am

This map took around 25-35 hours.
It is a smallish map, but has many places to go
and hide!
Most rooms have one or more vents that you can break open and crawl through (Great for getaways!).
It includes a traitor room AND a traitor tester.
The traitor tester has a door that opens on the bottom if a traitor is detected.
There is also 2 body disposal hatches.
The T-Room has a glass wall that the traitor can see through, but others can't see in. He has four buttons inside, along with a buttload of guns. Button 1 opens the traitor door, or if he stands a distance from it, a big block swings down outside the door (Same if an innocent presses the button). Button number 2 and 3 are about the same. The both make pillars fly up from the ground, making the cars above them go airborne, and there's a chance it'll kill somebody near.
Button number 4 makes a gate in front of the traitor tester pop up, locking whoever was in the wrong place get stuck within and be electrocuted until death.
I've added some creepy noises in a couple places, and a secret button that makes a girl faintly moan throughout the map ;)
There is a car you can climb beneath and hit a certain area, the cars alarm and lights will go off. It is distracting and deafening, which can be useful to traitors!
I hope you guys enjoy the map! Worked hard!

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  • ttt_boarding.bsp