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Originally uploaded by Fish on 26th December 2010 04:53 am

Hey! I've managed to finish this map in 2 days. Yes, two days.
I've had this map in my mind for quite a long time. The map is detailed, even though the production time was very small. I've been working and testing this map all day and night.
There are traps:
1# Container which fills with molten metal
2# Crushing blocks on a conveyor belt
3# Metal bucket of molten metal (Jump)
4# Jump across pit
5# Locking chamber which fills with molten metal
6# Platforms, you die if you hit the top
7# Falling metal bucket
8# Broken gas pipes
9# Breaking catwalk grids
10# Fan which blows off windows
11# Jump over buckets filled with molten metal (avoid fans)
12# Jump over water pit
13# Conveyor belts which lead to a pit of molten metal
14# Exploding gas container
15# Step through the right port or fall down to a pit of molten metal
16# Huge platform which goes down a pit of molten metal
The traps are very interesting, and some of them are original in my opinion.
Go give the map a try!
+40 CT spawnpoints
3 T spawnpoints
No minigames, you go straight to kill the killers
Featuring a kickass metal bucket model which has an metal pouring animation with molten metal liquid.

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  • steamapps
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        • garrysmod
          • maps
            • deathrun_foundry.bsp

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  • deathrun_foundry.bsp