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Name: dm_cod4_vacant_final_rc1
Version: 8 RC1
Requirements: Counter Strike Source
Completed the kitchen
Completed the small storage room
Improved lightmap.
Modified the Pitch Yaw Roll of Light_Environment. (PYR)
Increased brightness and ambient setting.
Tweaked bloomscale, autoexposure min/max.
Replaced crates with ammo boxes.
Finished placing props.
Retextured certain area.
Added more details to building.
Modified 3d Skybox
Decreased the density of the grass.
'Swaying motion' is now added for the detail sprites.
Replaced the concrete flooring in main building with different texture to remove reflection.
Added PLAYERCLIP above container to prevent player(s) from camping within the static prop.
Radar Overview Added
Added PLAYERCLIP in upper warehouse- windows level.
Added heap lot of junks and garbage composite.
Randomize props PYR (Pitch Yaw Roll)
Two building left of CT spawns are completed.
Added in random antennas.
Increased the surface arae inside the bathroom
Increased player spawns to 32- 16 for each sides.
Fixed grainy error. (.VBSP-related error)
Sets the START & END fade dist for most props.
- Nav mesh generated (TO DO)
Compile under FINAL (-final -both)
Direction: Extract to cstrike/maps folder or Gmod/maps.
Credits: Thanks to my friends,,,,, and the fans
for their support, tips, suggestions, comments, and inspiration.
* There might be some issues for low-medium end PC users. I didn't do proper job at optimizing the level with Areaportal and HINTS. (I didn't use Areaportal at all...)
  • dm_cod4_vacant_rc1.bsp
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