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hello ive been away for a while so i though a little bit more wireing couldnt hurt me :O ive been working on my server for the winter survival - settlement mod. been adding stuff to it! but anyways heres a small taste of the other version of my console screen. instead of all the X buttons its a wired keyboard. if your keyboard doesnt work you might have to download the other one with the X buttons. YOU DONT NEED PHX FOR THIS JUST WIRE! and hl2 ofc :I
instructions written in the picture.
if u cant read that then...
to use this console screen press USE on the wired keyboard and then start typing. sorry didnt add any backspace yet =P
to reset (the WHOLE screen) push the red button. to exit the keyboard press ALT (left alt)
should be simple from here
-> The Maw

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  • data/
    • adv_duplicator/
      • Maws Wired Series 2/
        • maws wired keypad console screen_1.txt