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I created this because I really wanted to expand on the idea I found here months ago:
I did not make the model.
What this does is create a 'pokeball' when you can then gravity gun at your enemy. He will disappear, recreate the pokeball sent and he will reappear, in blue, belonging to you. He will kill basically any npc. It is BETA because I don't think it will be working perfectly in multiplayer. I have yet to try that. I am also thinking about adding on a SWEP to tell it commands. So here is the first release! :)
Thank you to Garry for making the mod, and his Super_Explosion which I included.
  • pokemon/
    • lua/
      • effects/
        • super_explosion/
          • init.lua
      • entities/
        • sent_pokeball/
          • cl_init.lua
          • init.lua
          • shared.lua
    • materials/
      • dummer/
        • pokeball/
          • pokeball.vmt
          • pokeball.vtf
    • models/
      • dummer/
        • pokeball/
          • pokeball.dx80.vtx
          • pokeball.dx90.vtx
          • pokeball.mdl
          • pokeball.phy
          • pokeball.sw.vtx
          • pokeball.vvd
          • pokeball1.dx80.vtx
          • pokeball1.dx90.vtx
          • pokeball1.mdl
          • pokeball1.phy
          • pokeball1.sw.vtx
          • pokeball1.vvd