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X,Y,Z Auto Facer Turret

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Originally uploaded by NeoTech on 1st November 2009 22:37 pm

This is an awesome facer turret that kills any target anywhere in the map as long as it is in an open space. press - at the top right hand corner of the number pad to turn it on. press * which is left of the "turn on button" to toggle headshot shoots the target in the head EVERY single time. It does 100 damage a bullet, and it fires 10 bullets every 0.1 seconds, so you are sure to kill the mingebag as you watch him destroy your base and spawn kill all of your friends. You MUST raise it off the ground and freeze it...doesn't matter what angle or what way round it is or if it is upside down. Just remember to raise it off the ground and freeze it! Please enjoy it and have lots of fun with it. Don't re-upload it without my permission please!
This is set to NOT attack you (the owner) so don't be put off to turn it on! If you want it to...then just update the target finder to YOUR settings...NOTE: THIS MAY AFFECT THIS IN A BAD WAY!
More turret based contraptions to come, like the mouse aimed turret and the laser guided turret!
Consider this as one of Gods gifts to the world!
/* */

Steam account name: Superacorn825
Please send me compliments and criticisms! (Thats if you find any!)
More downloads = more cool stuff in the future! Email me if you want me to build something! (Thats if I can)
Enjoy! >.<
Doctaoctagonapus RAAAAAAWWR!

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