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Star wars NPCs Sweps

Originally uploaded by Heavy692 on 2nd May 2012 00:58 am

My Star wars Sweps for NPCs that i made because there isnt a good weapon pack in
*In Multiplayer at Firts person View You cant hear the blaster Sound but everyone can hear your blasters :3, Also it Works Fine in Singleplayer
Players can use this weapons
For Everyone that say "You stolen this Blah blah blah" i Ask ShoTGuNGuY49 whit a Private Menssage in Facepunch and he Give me Permission
Mi paquete de armas de Star wars para NPCs Que cree porque no hab�a uno que anduviese en
*En Multijugador en primera persona cuando disparas no se escuchan los sonidos pero los demas si los escuchan. En Un Jugador anda perfecto :3
PD: Los jugadores pueden estas armas
Para todos los que dicen que robe esto yo le pregunte a ShoTGuNGuY49 si podia usar los modelos y me respondio que si tengo permiso.
Mars Marshall, For the original models for Jedi Academy
Cyber Leader (ShoTGuNGuY49), for porting and rigging that models to Source.
"Dan" Xystus, For the Entities
Me (Heavy692), For LUA Coding
Sorry for my bad English i speak spanish

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  • steamapps
    • common
      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
          • addons
            • Star wars NPCs Sweps <-- Make this folder!
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              • lua
              • maps
              • materials
              • models
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  • Addons/
    • StarWars_Blasters/
      • Credits.txt
      • gm_construct0000.jpg
      • gm_construct0001.jpg
      • gm_construct0002.jpg
      • gm_construct0003.jpg
      • gm_construct0004.jpg
      • gm_construct0005.jpg
      • info.txt
      • lua/
        • Autorun/
          • Heavy_SturWurs_Weapons.lua
        • entities/
          • entstoredo.txt
          • proj_dan_tau_shot/
            • cl_init.lua
            • init.lua
            • shared.lua
        • weapons/
          • weapon_DC-15/
            • shared.lua
          • Weapon_DC-15s/
            • shared.lua
      • Materials/
        • SGG/
          • Starwars/
            • Weapons/
              • DC-15s/
                • cloneblaster2_w.vmt
                • cloneblaster2_w.vtf
                • cloneblaster2_w_exp.vtf
                • cloneblaster2_w_normal.vtf
                • cloneblaster3_w.vmt
                • cloneblaster3_w.vtf
                • cloneblaster_w.vmt
                • cloneblaster_w.vtf
                • cloneblaster_w_exp.vtf
                • cloneblaster_w_normal.vtf
              • DC15/
                • barrel.vmt
                • barrel.vtf
                • barrel_exp.vtf
                • barrel_normal.vtf
                • case.vmt
                • case.vtf
                • case_exp.vtf
                • case_normal.vtf
                • shaft.vmt
                • shaft.vtf
                • shaft_exp.vtf
                • shaft_normal.vtf
      • Models/
        • SGG/
          • Starwars/
            • weapons/
              • w_Dc-15.dx80.vtx
              • w_Dc-15.dx90.vtx
              • w_dc-15.mdl
              • w_Dc-15.phy
              • w_Dc-15.sw.vtx
              • w_dc-15.vvd
              • w_dc-15s.dx80.vtx
              • w_dc-15s.dx90.vtx
              • w_dc-15s.mdl
              • w_dc-15s.phy
              • w_dc-15s.sw.vtx
              • w_dc-15s.vvd
      • sound/
        • Weapons/
          • StarWars_Blaster.wav