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Originally uploaded by ﻛgt. ﻛickne on 24th July 2007 18:47 pm

RP_RobynsValley_b1 Credits
Sgt. Sickness(Sgt.Sgt )
BlackPhoenix(Train Tracks)
HL2 Ep1 (Tree Models)
By downloading this map you agree to not alter change or deform this map in anyway including
but not limited to decompiling, re-releasing, editing and releasing to the public, taking
pieces of the map and using them in your maps or projects, taking credit for anything in the
map. Basically just respect the time and effort I put into my maps and just leave them
alone. Don't be a cock. The content that is in my maps is what make mine unique so don't
take it.
What you may do is play the map have fun, make comics, movies, roleplay etc.
Known issues of b1.
You must crouch when you get out of the crane... don't ask why. Just if you don't you will
end up in the skybox.
There is one wall in a house that is black, will fix in b2 and the floor in the garage still
flickers black... must have to do with the angled placement.
There is one small displacement sew mistake, most people will not notice it.
No combine assault... or is there?
Unkown- Report any more flaws bugs here. Main reason why im releasing a beta so you all can
help me find problems.
Some displacement look odd.
Closing Notes.
I had this discussion with people before all content in this map except the railroad tracks
are all orginial designs made by me. No structure is from half life 2 or any other game as
someone stated a while back. Everything was designed from scratch with some reference
images found on various sites within the web.

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  • steamapps
    • common
      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
          • maps
            • rp_robynsvalley.jpg
            • readme-fuckers.txt
            • rp_robynsvalley_b1.bsp

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  • rp_robynsvalley.jpg
  • readme-fuckers.txt
  • rp_robynsvalley_b1.bsp