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(Cyberpunk RP)

Originally uploaded by Tyler (53) on 19th October 2011 18:55 pm

-Slum district that encourages free form RP. Consists of 3 apartments, one shop venue, and an encouraged faction HQ.
-Residential district which encourages law/policy enforced RP. Consists of 3 apartments, a community/combine center, and prison entrance.
-Market district consisting of two shop venues, two apartments, and a encouraged faction HQ.
-Full underground prison with 10 cells, prison yard, security room with door switches, and an escape tunnel to the slum district.
-Functional train that runs back and forth between districts every 5 minutes.
Created for Garry's Mod Cyberpunk RP Server. Decided to finally release the map to the public. Made this over the summer of 2011. Enjoy.
Group Profile:
Map created by: Tyler K.

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  • rp_caldern.bsp