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Originally uploaded by twilights end on 14th November 2009 17:09 pm

This is an Adv_Duplicator file that I made. It is a Fighter Plane based and influenced off the infamous SR-71 Blackbird. It has very nice controls and twin guns. i know it dosnt look amazing, but honestly it flies very well. new update gets it speed upto 211-212mph.
*All credits go to twilightdisaster*
Goal// 1 Download :D YAY!
Goal// 5 downloads :D YAY!(getting there slowly)
Goal// 10 downloads :D YAY!(next ones gonna be long)
Goal// 50 downloads :D

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  • Blackbird fighter/
    • blackbird v2.txt
    • Oracular_Spectacular-1-5-Kids-MGMT.mp3
  • Read me (controls).txt