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Waterworks V2

Originally uploaded by Devious Grey on 10th May 2011 02:05 am

Second map I've made. Like the first Waterwoks map, this one was inspired by a dream I had. Oddly, I have a ton of dreams involving water. I'm not implying I wet the bed either. >.>
The waterfall textures are Topphatwaffles textures! They are awesome, so you should download them! :D
Oh! Forgot to add! The skybox can be found on Gamebanana! I can't remember which age though. I'll find it later and post a link so the author of this beauty gets credit! :P
V2 doesn't mean it's an improved V1, I just put the V2 so that any waterworks maps I make will be associated with one another. : )
Someone suggested a sunrise skybox in the comments of the first map... so yaaaaaay. :)
I know it seems like I'm rushing out maps, like 2 within half a week... but it's my last week of my senior year, I have nothing going on, I enjoy mapping, and I have a ton of time on my hands... so I'll be making more maps like the socially inept person I am! :D
Enough of my rambling, enjoy the map. :)

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  • Waterworks02.bsp