RP_Salvation_2_Stalker by Dave Brown

Originally uploaded by admiral adama on 13th December 2011 21:20 pm

Brand new S.T.A.L.K.E.R roleplay map, based on the original Terminator map I made last year.http://www.taconbanana.com Stalker Roleplay is opening up again on the 16th December under new management, with all new custom content and script features.
As for the map, I stripped it down, changed stuff around, and restructured most of the main areas to fit the Zone.
Also all of the bugs Salvation2 originally had are now fixed, such as the lag issues and FPS spikes.
The file is also a lot smaller :P
Map Elements:
- Totally open plan, large play area.
- Woodland areas mixed with swampland, alongside stalker camps and deserted outposts.
- Central motel
- Gas station
- Garage
- Pumping station
- Factory
- Farms
- Woodland huts
I included most of the important EP1/2 content nessacary to run the map but not -all- of it. A few other bits and pieces may be missing....Im not sure.
The map is open for public use, anyone can use it, apart from HGN obviously, because they were always greedy boggers who didnt let us use their maps :P

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