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E2:Flying Turret Gun v3.1

Originally uploaded by DarkE on 13th June 2010 00:33 am

You can kill easy other players, autoaim ,control turret like in noclip and etc. :)
Set gun entity by wirelink(you dont need to use it)
!type 1/2
1:fire where you aiming with physgun(or custom gun) with secondary gun
2:killing all who alive in 2000 distance
kill player by name
!dmodel /set
destroy all other players entities by model
!dclass /set
destroy all other players entities by class
!trail on/off
set trail on gun
!alpha 0-255
set alpha on gun
!gun 1/2/set
make custom gun
make vehicle not usable by others players(default)
make vehicle usable by others players
!inv on/off
make vehicle invisible
If it does not work, try reupload e2

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