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ZWonder 3 Beta

Originally uploaded by TheAlmightyLol on 30th April 2011 16:02 pm

Last update on the Zwonder series:

The making of Zwonder 3:

*Requries Half-life 2 Episode 2(Or just models, materials and maybe sounds), thats all.
*Code for Multi-player: "sbox_allownpcs 1" (May work or may not)
*This is a map. Not a save or gamemode.

Well here it is. The Zwonder 3 BETA. Over 50 hours of intense complicated mapping. Zwonder 3 is a Zombie Survial/NPC survial.
Hours of gameplay, rounds, waves, boss battles, earn rewards. Zwonder 3 has enviroment settings as well, Soundscapes, snow falling, realistic enviroment props, sparks, effects, custom skybox, a big sun, and alot more.
Campaign (Like Zwonder 2, waves, rounds, boss battles, music, randomized experience.
Infinite (The full Zwonder 3 experience, completely made up of all the zombies from Half Life 2)
Angry Mob (Angry civlians run come knocking on your door)
War (A all out shootout across Zwonder 3)
Battle Rush (Combine and Zombies rush the base)
Firefight (Combine soilders of all types) Youtube video of Firefight mode

I need decent feedback to make Zwonder 3 as great as possible. Please post comments.
Love, TheAlmightyLol
"Thanks to you all, for all the support. And here is what returns. Thanks guys"

Zwonder 3 Announcement Video

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  • addons/
    • How to play on Multiplayer.txt
    • IMMEDIATE TEXT [may or may not be important].txt
    • Please Read This.txt
    • You're Never Safe.jpg
    • Zwonder 3 BETA addon/
      • info.txt
      • maps/
        • Zwonder_3_BETA.bsp
      • materials/
        • maps/
          • zwonder3.vmt
          • zwonder3.vtf
      • settings/
        • maps/
          • zwonder3.txt