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  • Uploaded: 7 months ago
  • Updated: 7 months ago
  • Type: Re-upload
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  • Size: 578.93 KB
  • Tags: re-upload

discription: ok, here is a fairly crappy NCP XD
I am not as good at doing lua stuff as I had hoped, I was trying to make the NPC a medic, but I failed, so, it is just a citizen, and it shows up in the combine NPC area, at the top for me, however, my friend said that it didn't sow up, so here, and if this doesn't work, then here: i hope one of these works.
installation: well, I was too lazy to turn the entire thing into an addon, part is, part is not, put the folder that is IN the addon folder into your garrysmod/garrysmod/addons, and, if you have dissmemberment mod, put the data folder that is IN the data folder into your garrysmod/garrysmod/data folder (make sure you don't have a it say garrysmod/data/data, I had quite a few people screw up by doing this), if you don't have dissmemberment mod, I don't know what will happen if you just stick it in there anyway, probably nothing, but I don't know for sure.
credits: boroko, for uploading the models to here, you can find them at: if you would like to change the model used here, feel free to use the lua, it was something I put together real quick, but I can't take credit for anything, because thats me, but please, don't say that you did it, unless you really did, I simply made a lua file and a few folders, put in the model files, plus I added one line to the dissmemmberment mod's file to make the character be distructable. however, it seems to have worked a tad worse or better than I wanted, since I am able to dissintigrate any NPC, might just be my copy, might be a bad idea to even mess with dissmemberment mod's stuff, the choice is yours I guess.
  • Anime Medic NPC/
    • addons/
      • Anime Medic/
        • info.txt
        • Lua/
          • autorun/
            • anime_medic.lua
        • Materials/
          • Haruhi/
            • body_normal.vtf
            • hBody.vmt
            • hBody.vtf
            • hHead.vmt
            • hHead.vtf
          • VGUI/
            • Entities/
              • npc_anime_medic.vmt
              • npc_anime_medic.vtf
        • models/
          • Haruhi.dx80.vtx
          • Haruhi.dx90.vtx
          • haruhi.mdl
          • Haruhi.phy
          • Haruhi.sw.vtx
          • haruhi.vvd
    • data/
      • goremod/
        • body_types/
          • human/
            • human1.txt