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Flying Fort / Bomber / Fighter

Flying Fort / Bomber / Fighter

Originally uploaded by Charlie (29) on 14th January 2007 23:46 pm

New Version Out!!! Go here:
Frosty's FLYING FORT OF DOOOOOM!!!! dun dun dun...
height controlled
4 turrets all controlled from cockpit
4 Sidewinder missiles controlled from cockpit
2 torpedo rockets controlled from cockpit
a sliding door for entry to cockpit
a cabin on the top floor
a deck that surronds the cabin
crosshairs for the different weapons
a bombsight camera for accuracy
Need to knows
8 forward
4 left
6 right
2 fire 2 sidewinders
3 fire other 2
1 fire torpedos
0 open bombey (drop bombs)
. close bombey
enter fires 3 SMG turrets (crosshair in cockpit)
+ down
- up
7 fire shotgun turret (mounted under the cockpit for close encounters)
5 - open cockpit door
/ bombey camera (camera INSIDE bombey)
* Bombsight camera (camera with bomb crosshair)
All these are operated by buttons somewhere in the fort, mostly in the cockpit
When firing torpedos: If you're too low they will hit the ground too close to the fort and explode setting off all the explosives in the fort causing you to die brutaly! :)
when firing Sidewinders: These require a high altitude or they will just skim accross the ground and/or bounce off and head for space, and will not explode until they hit the edge of the map or the top. DO NOT fire with cockpit door left open, this will also cause you to die brutaly. The top crosshair is for sidewinders, ALTHOUGH if you're really high they may hit a little below it

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            • read it.txt
            • half-life-000.sav

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  • half-life-000.tga
  • read it.txt
  • half-life-000.sav