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Holy Drug Gunshop 2 (old)

Originally uploaded by (=CG=) ๑۩† on 13th June 2010 06:11 am

-----Version 3 Now Available-----
Holy drug gunshop 2 is an update to a dupe for those who despise auto gunshops and wish to 'properly' roleplay a gun dealer and/or drug dealer.
-Back storage area for guns, drugs.
-Gunlab compartment so you may use a gunlab without it being stolen.
-Console screen on outside of the shop which displays the prices of guns.
-A slide big enough to fit shipments and guns through.
-A 2x1 PHX plate for fading door next to the slide
-A console screen where you can edit the prices.
-A toggle button which switchs the console screens from drugshop mode to gunshop mode and vise versa.
-An enter button which resets the screens incase of a glitch
-A window to safely get paid for guns.
-A reset button for default prices on both drugs and guns
-visible e2 chip so you can see coding.
Upgrades from v1.0:
-Changed the spelling error on heroine to heroin
-Added a text screen that changes text based on what you are selling
-Added gunlab compartment for gun dealers
-Added a sliding hatch for gunlab compartment so people can't see in your shop.
-Wiremod SVN
Other Dupes:

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            • Holy Drug Gunshop 2 <-- Addon folder!
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              • maps
              • materials
              • models
              • etc

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  • Holy Drug Gunshop 2/
    • data/
      • adv_duplicator/
        • Holy/
          • Buildings/
            • holy drug gunshop 2.txt