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Car7's Personal Train Car

Car7's Personal Train Car

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Originally uploaded by [TEC] Cλ‎R 7 on 22nd January 2011 04:01 am

Greetings Yet again folks, Here we have my little Passenger car for the locomotive I was inspired to build!
This Train car is not your every day ride.
Here you ride in STYLE! XD
The car is 90% parented so there really isn't any lag
The car will most likely stay on the track in any regular situation. *** will be fixed ***
It has a decent amount of detail.
This is just a train car, it is not a vehicle. It has to be pulled along.. unless you slap a thruster or two on there.
The car is very heavy, as is a real train car.
It will be followed by my Locomotive that you see in the picture.. probably will be on here in the next week or so.
Heres a video of the train without My personal car on there :D
You will need:
Wire SVN
you may need Css.. but I doubt it.
Good luck everyone enjoy!
I have found a large problem with my train car, And so I have rebuilt it, The issue it was having was derailing when changing pitch / going up or down a hill. The train car has been fixed, I will be releasing my locomotive and the train car and a large track to use on Gm_Buttes within the next few hours.
Since my locomotive is one of my more favorable builds, it will only be on for a short time.
There will also be a final video of the train posted on here. If the video is delayed so will the train. Happy building
Car 7
Do not re upload.
Car 7 OUT!

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            • Train Car <-- Addon folder!
              • e.g.
              • lua
              • maps
              • materials
              • models
              • etc

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  • Train Car/
    • - car7s personal train car -.txt