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Useable Combine Gun Prefab

Originally uploaded by PETARD on 19th October 2008 16:19 pm

~~My new acount name is Da Fat Cat~~
Now you can finally put those combine turrets that bring all of us so much joy into your maps!
-npcs can use it at will
-you can use it, duh
-if you right click and ungroup them, you can go into the settings for the Func_tank entity (stuck to the end of the gun) and monkey with it to make it all super powered
Just take out the VMF file (it is a prefab, not a map) called mounted_gun. Put it into your
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\-=-YOURNAME-=-\sourcesdk\bin\-=-GAMEENGINE-=-\ bin\prefabs\Prefabs HL2 folder.
Start up Hammer and go into your prefabs and look for mounted_gun.
REMEMER you must change the -=-YOURNAME-=- part to your real steam name.
You'll also have to change the name of the game engine. You have to change it to the engine you use.
NOTE: This has only been tested in the orange box engine.
Try out my good friend Skyhawk's map

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  • mounted_gun.vmf
  • ReadMe.txt