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Originally uploaded by Doom (24) on 16th August 2012 00:15 am

*******NEW FEATURES*******
Redesigned B-bomb a bit
Added A and B-bombsite decals around the map
Added a new cool skybox
Increased overall light of the map
Deleted most cars on the boulevard
Added Arabic signs to the map
Threw a few new decals in here and there
I have only included the .VMF file for learning purposes. You may NOT reupload it, regardless if you give me credits or not. Neither are you allowed to reupload it if you alternate the map. You may open the file and look at how I've created the map, you may alternate it and use it clientside ONLY, but you may not use it on a server if it's alternated.
-Level designer, creator and publisher- Daniel Everland Facepunch - Doom GameBanana - Doom1304 -Special thanks to- Fulcrum Stiffy360 Turtleey Sofus Johnny
*******CUSTOM CONTENT*******
I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR ANY CUSTOM CONTENT OF THIS MAP All names mentioned are the names of the .rar files. The following packs may not be in the actual map, but they were intended to be included when I started the map. 302- firewavezzmaterials junglerock glasspack realworldtextures2 If you find any custom content of this map, which is yours, and it's not listed, send me an email @
/* */
with proof of ownership and the name of the pack I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR ANY CUSTOM CONTENT OF THIS MAP
*******Links to other websites with the map*******

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          • maps
            • de_iraq_nightv2.bsp
            • de_iraq_nightv2.vmf
            • README.txt

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  • de_iraq_nightv2.bsp
  • de_iraq_nightv2.vmf
  • README.txt