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Originally uploaded by Pangamini on 8th July 2007 20:31 pm

A helicopter i made.
Required addons:
Something with mass manipulator
Enter the middle seat. A/D for turning left/right. W/S for tipping forward and backward. R and SHIFT for flying up and down. CTRL and SPACE for roll axis rotation - used for strafe or just stabilisation. Mouse1 - machine guns, mouse2 throws a bomb - must be high enough so the bomb is detonated by hitting the impact.
The Helix has a height display, 2 rotors, 3 seats and realistic rotor sound.
Remember, default wire thruster limit is 10, you need more of them here - i don't know exactly how many :-P to change the limit type "sbox_maxwire_thrusters 32" or custom value as you want to your console.
And last thing - ADV dupe doesnt save the mass manipulation, which is required for the main rotor - so after pasting simply set weight of every part of rotor blade to 1 and the center box to 20.
Please edont say you made this.
This is my first upload

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