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a huge ship made from (mostly) combine props.
this ship includes some experimental new ideas including my tractor beam and drivable apc (bat mobile looking combine car thing). this includes 2 files, the drivable apc (requires only garrysmod 10 and wiremod) and the air ship (requires phx, wiremod, garrysmod ten and prop cannon.) located in the back of the air ship are two droppable APCs simply press the blue button to drop them. WARNING these use weld latches and if the APC has been dropped and the indicator is red, do not press the button and make it green or the apc will be welded to the airship, where ever it is.
full list of controls:
regular WASD keys and left click to fire the main pulse cannon. (mortar launcher in later versions!)
in the top pilots chair its A and D for left and right and space for forward. for the side gun turrets its W for forward gun D for right gun and A for left gun. In the tractor beam operators position D and A is to rotate the tractor platform.
Global Numpad Controls:
1 for tractor beam 0 for prop cannon fire.
there are some glitches that always pop up when i try to adv dup it that i simply for the moment cant fix. including: the side turrets which dont fire and just make the muzzleflash effect. to fix this simply update the three invisible turrets in the front of each gun. and the tractor beam is always out of wack too. this is a bit more tricky to fix. first delete the skewed invisible forcers and put new ones where they used to be. then wire the velocity and force options from the forcers to the numpad input located right behind the tractor platform. i will attempt to fix these bugs in later versions
all of this was made by me thewhitish. feel free to use any of these ideas (tractor beam etc.) in your creation or distribute any of this in any packs or anything like that (just give me some credit somewhere in there :))

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            • data <-- Addon folder!
              • e.g.
              • lua
              • maps
              • materials
              • models
              • etc

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  • data/
    • adv_duplicator/
      • drivable combine apc_1.txt
      • Rouge Combine Airship.txt