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Hover Horse!

Originally uploaded by toastedspyro on 19th October 2008 20:15 pm

More info about this little "Hover Horse" can found be here:
Video here:
I basically made the airboat(or hoverboat) into a horse by accident.
I think I accidentally overwrote the airboat model with something
from either Age of Chivalry or Dark Messiah of Might and Magic demo.
I downloaded both of them just for the extra props(but didn't play them),
so I don't know which game the horse is actually from.
-Just put all the airboat models(or horse models) included into your
"garrysmod/garrysmod/models" folder
-To uninstall: Just delete all the files you extracted and then Gmod will
automatically reset back to the original airboat.
Horse - No friggin idea, definitely not me though
100% credits go to me for coming across this stupid little accident
I'd love it if someone made this into a separate vehicle(maybe under a different name?)
instead of overwriting the airboat everytime you want to use it. Also, as you will notice,
the seating position is wrong if you get on the horse(you will appear horizontal to the horse).
If someone could fix this that would be great.
Anyways, have fun! Feel free to reupload if you've got a better or fixed
version of this. But give credits to me for the original "hover horse".

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  • ReadMe.txt
  • garrysmod/
    • garrysmod/
      • models/
        • airboat.dx80.vtx
        • airboat.dx90.vtx
        • airboat.mdl
        • airboat.phy
        • airboat.sw.vtx
        • airboat.vvd