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Originally uploaded by Insight (2) on 3rd October 2011 00:30 am

----------General Info-------------
This map was made for the mod Ivans Secrets Originally, in a desert version. I asked
the lead 'Jlea' if it was okay for me to convert it to a TTT map for gmod and he
said it was perfectly fine but I couldn't use the textures, so I decided to change
to forest atmosphere and make keep the same base map, but change the areas around
to make it work with TTT.
As for the traitor tester, you need all 3 batteries in the slots with the green
lights on for it to work, if one battery is missing the traitor tester will
not work! There is 6 batteries on the map at all times, so if one goes missing there
are more around the map just search for them! I originally wanted the batteries
if you are carrying one to be a traitorous act, what I say is that if the traitor
tester is on and working if any batterys turn off you know the person will probably
be a traitor, there is 3 lights near the traitor tester to show which batteries are
on and which ones are off.
I say for anyone who is going to put this on to a server I really recommend BZIP
The link above explains what BZIP is and how it helps.
----------Map By: Insight----------
- Insight - Original Map maker and level designer
- Janooba - Contributed with mapping and ideas
- Firegod522 - Troubleshoot
Alpha/Beta Testers:
- The entire community on their TTT Server (IP:
- Onimusia
- Grish
- mmmmmm/Stark
- Chewy
Forum link:

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  • steamapps
    • common
      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
          • maps
            • ttt_woodedwidow_b7.bsp
            • ttt_woodedwidow_b7_ttt.txt
            • ReadMe.txt

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  • ttt_woodedwidow_b7.bsp
  • ttt_woodedwidow_b7_ttt.txt
  • ReadMe.txt