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(I advise watching the video in HD and fullscreen, and/or with your brightness turned up. Some of the images are a bit dark.)
Welcome to the Zone, Stalker. The production of this map began on August 18th, 2010, and was finished on May 10th, 2011. Officially, this would be my second map. When I first started this map, it was originally going to be a recreation of the Cordon (which can be seen in Freedom's trading post, and the arcitexture of the UKM watchtowers). However, it was revealed to me that Jerry was already in the production of said map, and as such, I started work on a custom map: This map. Originally I began work on this map while playing at TacoNBanana's Stalker Roleplay, but when part of the community split, I was part of it. We founded Gentleman's Gaming Lounge where map production continued. I've worked quite hard on this map, and after months of work, I hope you all enjoy it.
• Full Forest
• Cave
• Ukrainian Military Outpost
• Eco Bunker
• Freedom Camp
• Cabin
• Manor
• Traintracks
• Trainstation
• Junkyard
• Road System
• Gasstation
• Tunnel
• Radiostation
• Underground Ukrainian Facility
• Toggleable underground lighting
• Complete Ladder Functionality (anything that can be a ladder, is a ladder)
• Full Lighting
• Fog
• Full Grid
• Fence barrier c

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        • garrysmod
          • lua
            • autorun
              • Ignore this file.lua
              • READ ME.txt

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  • Ignore this file.lua
  • READ ME.txt