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kill breen map semi-promo

Originally uploaded by Ego Banana on 25th September 2010 04:22 am

some music from nh2 for my new upcoming kill breen map. tell me what you think.
lets be clear here, no dupes, no containers, and no spamed npc's
this is a map with effort, the screenshot u see here is a screenshot of the main map, this map you download here is a promo for the map u see the screenshot here. confused? try not to be.
my kill breen maps do have npc's, BUT they are carfully noded. by this i mean they will be able to take cover and advance on you. BUT the one mistake made by most mapers is that the floor is coverd in them, this will cause the npc to be confused and wont be able to move smoothly. also each npc has a starting node up to their knee and each has been made to be unique(each one has its own personality) enjoy

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