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Hello fellow hoverboarders! Love Kamikazi's / Magic's hoverboard ramps but it won't work? Here's why! He didn't include a spawnlist file. This, is the spawnlist file that I made a while back because I was tired of browsing for it. I only take 3.75% of the work. The other part is Magic's / Kamikazi's. He is a sexy beast, and I in no way take credit for his work. This is simply a file to help you make your life a hell of a lot simpler. If there are any problems, email me: [email protected] If you spam, god help me you shall be blocked. Also, you are welcome to suggest ideas, but I don't code other than spawnlist files ( I r code nub :( ). So yeah. I do create backgrounds tho. Haven't uploaded any recently... Oh well. Suggestions are welcome. And stuff. Later.
Jpegs are not sexy whatsoever. The actual ramps and funbox don't look like shit. They are sleek and sexy and very phys-glichy. But I'm not one to complain, cause I can't code. The Jpegs are just shitty. Can't help that.
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