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Halo CE sniper crossbow skin

Originally uploaded by Vegas (3) on 10th March 2010 04:33 am

3rd reskin in the series! Yay!
This, of course is a reskin for the HL2 crossbow in Gmod. You should thank me, because it took me almost a week of searching to find the final file.
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This download looks like an addon. You need to extract the downloaded zip and put the addon folder in your Garry's Mod addons folder. You should end up with a directory structure similar to below:

  • steamapps
    • common
      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
          • addons
            • halo_sniper <-- Addon folder!
              • e.g.
              • lua
              • maps
              • materials
              • models
              • etc

Don't know where the Garry's Mod folder is or how to extract zip files? See more useful installation tips.

  • halo_sniper/
    • materials/
      • models/
        • weapons/
          • v_crossbow/
            • sniper rifle normal.vtf
            • sniper rifle.vmt
            • sniper rifle.vtf
            • sniper rifle1.vmt
            • sniper rifle1.vtf
            • snipercontrail.vmt
            • snipercontrail.vtf
            • sr bolt.vmt
            • sr bolt.vtf
            • sr decal.vmt
            • sr decal.vtf
            • sr subscreen decal.vmt
            • sr subscreen decal.vtf
    • models/
      • weapons/
        • v_crossbow.dx80.vtx
        • v_crossbow.dx90.vtx
        • v_crossbow.mdl
        • v_crossbow.sw.vtx
        • v_crossbow.vvd
        • W_crossbow.dx80.vtx
        • W_crossbow.dx90.vtx
        • W_crossbow.mdl
        • W_crossbow.phy
        • W_crossbow.sw.vtx
        • W_crossbow.vvd
    • sound/
      • weapons/
        • crossbow/
          • crossbow_fire1.wav
          • crossbow_ready.wav
          • crossbow_reload1.wav