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Improved Realism Mod (IRM)

Originally uploaded by CrisisCor€ on 1st June 2009 10:31 am

What is it?
IRM started just as a config-script for Garrysmod (and other Source games) for improving realism of the game. Garrysmod is a great game, but because it was originally designed for "sandboxing" it doesn't have a good realism. This script is being used for much higher realism! The newer versions got much improved. They get more and more new and better features, such as bullettime and the "HQ-mod"-system. If you don't want some of the features: no problem, the script and the other files are really easy to customize!
-Realistic gravity and Anti-Crosshair-System!
-Best Bullettime-script in the world, with DirectX 9-Colorcorrection and F.E.A.R.-sounds!
-HQ-mod for extra good graphics, for powerful PCs only!
-Easy to customize: Just delete features out of the .cfg with the notepad, if you don't want them and don't install files for things you don't want to use!
-Easy to use: Just enter "exec realism" into console to use all features and type "exec default" to undo all changes!
-Additional features: Pistol shell-ejection-fix, realistic falldamage, more gibs, better physics and more...
Facepunch Thread:
Update: tomorrow, fixing the weird bug if you go from a very dark to a very bright area.

This download looks like an addon. You need to extract the downloaded zip and put the addon folder in your Garry's Mod addons folder. You should end up with a directory structure similar to below:

  • steamapps
    • common
      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
          • addons
            • Improved Realism Mod (IRM) <-- Addon folder!
              • e.g.
              • lua
              • maps
              • materials
              • models
              • etc

Don't know where the Garry's Mod folder is or how to extract zip files? See more useful installation tips.

  • Improved Realism Mod (IRM)/
    • cfg/
      • autoexec.cfg
      • default.cfg
      • realism.cfg
    • info.txt
    • materials/
      • 0.vmt
      • 1.vmt
      • 10.vmt
      • 11.vmt
      • 12.vmt
      • 2.vmt
      • 3.vmt
      • 4.vmt
      • 5.vmt
      • 6.vmt
      • 7.vmt
      • 8.vmt
      • 9.vmt
      • decals/
        • Blood1.vmt
        • blood1.vtf
        • blood1_subrect.vmt
        • Blood2.vmt
        • blood2.vtf
        • blood2_subrect.vmt
        • Blood3.vmt
        • blood3.vtf
        • blood3_subrect.vmt
        • Blood4.vmt
        • blood4.vtf
        • blood4_subrect.vmt
        • Blood5.vmt
        • blood5.vtf
        • blood5_subrect.vmt
        • Blood6.vmt
        • blood6.vtf
        • blood6_subrect.vmt
        • Blood7.vmt
        • blood7.vtf
        • blood8.vmt
        • blood8.vtf
      • effects/
        • blood_core.vtf
        • blood_drop.vmt
        • blood_drop.vtf
        • splash1.vmt
        • splash1.vtf
        • splash1_dudv.vtf
        • splash2.vmt
        • splash2.vtf
        • splash2_dudv.vtf
        • splash3.vmt
        • splash3.vtf
        • splash3_dudv.vtf
        • splash4.vmt
        • splash4.vtf
        • splash4_dudv.vtf
        • splashwake1.vmt
        • splashwake1.vtf
        • splashwake1_dudv.vtf
        • splashwake3.vmt
        • splashwake3.vtf
        • splashwake3_dudv.vtf
        • splashwake4.vmt
        • splashwake4.vtf
        • splashwake4_dudv.vtf
      • null.vmt
    • models/
      • weapons/
        • v_Pistol.dx80.vtx
        • v_Pistol.dx90.vtx
        • v_pistol.mdl
        • v_Pistol.sw.vtx
        • v_pistol.vvd
    • readme.txt
    • sound/
      • btin.wav
      • btout.wav