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Rocket Launcher

Originally uploaded by Roland (3) on 19th August 2010 03:15 am

***EDIT*** I uploaded a video to youtube with instructions and demo =D
Remade the whole thing from the ground up. Used a bigger truck this time capable of firing two missiles at once. Simply spawn the rocket launcher and two nukes, put them in the tubes and work the controls:
AIM raises the launching tubes
ARM arms the nukes
FIRE! is self explanatory.
Like before, you'll need the following add ons:
Huge driveable car pack V2
adv dupe
nuke pack
garry's bombs
Also, the wire that controls the arming of the nukes keeps going away after pasting the nukes, so you still have to rewire it by setting "Arm" in the nuke to the channel one of the radio that's attached to it.
I know, I know, this is not the god damn Last Supper, give me a break, I just got GMOD a week ago and I simply wish to share what I have been wasting time with. Enjoy!

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