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prop hunt
how to play.
first, extract files to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\username\garrysmod\garrysmod
second, go to garrysmod and go to multiplayer or singleplayer. find where it says sandbox. switch sandbox with prop hunt.
third, select a map and play!
Hunter: you will be blinded for 20 seconds, giving the props a chance to hide. you must kill all props that are player. if you hit a prop that is not a player too much, you die!
Prop: you start out as kleiner, then you press e on a prop to change to it. then hide!
A youtube video about this.
not my video, but Einstreit's. have fun
untill i find a server that i can play with, then i will have screenshots, unless you want to send me screenshots.
  • addons/
    • Fin2/
      • lua/
        • autorun/
          • server
        • entities/
          • fin_2
        • weapons/
          • gmod_tool/
            • stools
  • gamemodes/
    • prop-hunt/
      • changelog.txt
      • entities/
        • entities/
          • ph_prop/
            • cl_init.lua
            • init.lua
            • shared.lua
      • gamemode/
        • cl_init.lua
        • config.lua
        • init.lua
        • shared.lua
      • info.txt
      • readme.txt