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Realistic meshes (ADV Dupes)

Originally uploaded by JokeSpeaker on 29th November 2009 11:17 am

Meshes have never looked more realistic on Garry's Mod than those.
Those meshes are completely useable. They don't lag on my one-year-old computer.
You can modify those like you want. Just take the Remover tool and remove unnecessary ropes. If you removed one part, the mesh won't broke completely.
You also can weld or rope those to anything or do anything with them. They're weighted 6x6x65 kilos.
Attention: Don't throw those on people or animals. Those may kill them.
You need the ADV Duplicator to paste these files ingame:
SVN-Link: Duplicator/
Name: anonsvn Password: anonsvn
*How to add:
Put it in your addons folder. (Steam\steamapps\YOURNAME\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons)
*How to paste the meshes ingame:
Open your ADV Duplicator Tool, double click the "Meshes by JokeSpeaker" folder and choose your file.
NOTE: Some of them are frozen. Just pick the Physgun, aim on the mesh and reload the Physgun. That unfreezes the whole thing.
*Files that are included:
finemesh.txt: The normal mesh file as seen on the screenshots. (Ropes: 13x13, Collisions: 6x6)
mesh.txt: A less fine mesh for weaker computers. (Ropes: 7x7, Collisions: 6x6)
goal.txt: The goal as seen on one screenshot. (finemesh)
goalunfreezed.txt: It's the same as goal.txt but the mesh is unfrozen and the poles are frozen. (finemesh)
tent.txt: It's a horizontal mesh put on four standing frozen poles. It's the same as seen on the screenshot with Gman. (finemesh)
Here you can see a video about the meshes made by Dweet2:
Facepunch Thread:
See also:
Sleep'n'Wake STool:
Portal Tornado SENT:
All credits goes to me (JokeSpeaker).

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  • readme.txt
  • Meshes_ADVDupe/
    • data/
      • adv_duplicator/
        • Meshes by JokeSpeaker/
          • finemesh.txt
          • goal.txt
          • goalunfreezed.txt
          • mesh.txt
          • tent.txt
    • info.txt