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SpaceCraft AutoPilot v3.6

Originally uploaded by -XI- on 25th September 2011 13:32 pm

SpaceCraft AutoPilot v3.6 by XrayIndia
### Content ###
SpaceCraft Control v13.7 expression2
SpaceCraft AutoPilot v3.6 expression2
SpaceCraft Coordinates expression2
SpaceCraft Planetary Dock expression2
Resource System Container v1.1 expression2
Automatic spacecraft adv_dupe
Planetary consumer dock adv_dupe
Planetary generator dock adv_dupe
Consumer dock adv_dupe
Generator dock adv_dupe
Cargo hold adv_dupe
### Preliminary information ###
SCAP is still an experimental concept and it is very likely that you will encounter bugs while using it.
If this happens, refresh the expression(s) and try again.
Don't hesitate to report recurrent problems using the forum threads below.
### Setup instructions ###
SpaceCraft AutoPilot v3.6 uses SpaceCraft Control:
Be sure to read SCC's instructions first.
The easiest way to use SCAP is to spawn the adv_dupe of an functional ship that can be found in the adv_duplicator folder.
AFF model pack is needed for this:
Note: This ship is can not be piloted manually. To do so, please refer to the detailed instructions below.
To simulate a proper space environment, it is essential to remove air friction and prop gravity (and not player gravity).
You can set this using the console commands. If your console doesn't have these commands, install this addon:
and set the following:
phys_gravity_z 0
phys_airdensity 0
Note: SCAP will only activate hover thrusters during take off and landing.
Consequently, the ship will slowly fall down during any other flight sequence if gravity is on.
This may be a problem when using SCC with a high realism parameter.
Adv_dupe's controls:
+, - : Task selection
Enter : Set
. : Cancel
Further instructions are given by SCAP's menu.
The adv_duplicator folder als

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  • adv_duplicator/
    • scap cargo hold.txt
    • scap consumer dock.txt
    • scap generator dock.txt
    • scap planetary consumer dock.txt
    • scap planetary generator dock.txt
    • spacecraft autopilot v3 6.txt
  • Expression2/
    • rs_container_v1_1.txt
    • sc_autopilot_v3_6.txt
    • sc_control_v13_7.txt
    • sc_coordinates.txt
    • sc_planetary_dock.txt
  • Readme.txt
  • SCAP wire schematic.png