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Lo and behold: Character models retrieved from within the inner sanctum of the Reuploads section!  This collection boasts a mixture of player models and hexes.  Some of the more interesting specimens include:

  • Mad Cow
  • Pink Stormtroopers (from the quote-on-quote "Gay Empire")
  • The customization-friendly MW2 operators
  • Miniaturized HL2 characters
The ENTIRE Reuploads category was sifted through TWICE from head to toe (596 pages/ 90 entries per page, sorted by "latest") in order to compile this collection.   What can be found here is likely all you'll be able to find in terms of quality/ intriguing content. 

No need to be a masochist like I was and tread through countless obsolete/ shitty addon, duplication, save, and background entries.


Additional Information

  • Almost everything in this collection is NOWHERE to be seen on the Garry's Mod Workshop (unless otherwise mistaken).


Some, if not all/ a majority of these addons may not function properly when installed.  Whether it has to do with compatibility issues with Garry's Mod 13 or something else, they will likely need to be tweaked.  Until they are fixed, the addons will remain here for easy access/ reference.

If there are any comments, corrections, or concerns that need to be addressed, feel free to leave behind a message.